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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Earn free products through Friend Rack Completely Free

First you have to Register through No More Rack, then go down to the very bottom of the page and click on the red box, which is the 3'rd box over that says Friend Rack and there you will receive your referral link. You can earn free products just by referring friends with your referral link. For every so many friends you refer, you can can get free products ranging from, laptops, XBOX 360's, Cameras, Coffee makers, a Revlon Hair straightener, Ipod Touch, Jewelry, and so much more. Some of the products, you have to refer a lot of friends to get, but then some you do not need very many referrals. Just like the Revlon Hair Straightener, you only need 20 referrals, if you have alot of friends, that would be easy to earn. Another bonus you get when signing up with No More Rack is $10 credit to use on their site by going to My Account, after registering, then go to Redeem A Gift Card on the left then enter in the code P1080.


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  1. Great reminder for me! I had forgotten about this site. Anyway, new follower from Lots of Lovin’ Hop. Would love a return follow :-) Make it a great weekend!