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I started this blog to share great Sweepstakes, samples, and any other freebies I can find to share with everyone. I want everyone to have a chance to get things for free without having to spend so much money on the little things when you can find something better to spend your money on.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Join Listia Today!

Listia is an awesome site. If you have not Joined Listia yet, now is the time, you can find something for everyone for free and if you like my blog, you like free stuff. Join Listia today, it is an auction site and you bid on things with credits, I have won alot of free stuff already since November 26'th, when you sign up they give you free credits plus you get bonus credits for using my link, you can also auction your own things and you get credits for doing that. If you have any questions about it just ask! I have won makeup, a handmade hat for my little girl, stocking stuffers for my little girl, hairdye, coupons, soy tarts for a candle warmer, and a few other things.

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